145pcs Magnetic sticks and balls


Magnetic sticks can attract each other due to the interaction of magnetic fields. Use kids' creation and imagination to control the magnetic sticks and balls to create countless shapes and patterns so that they will never feel bored.

[Product Features]

The magnetic sticks has the characteristics of magnetism that can combine a myriad of geometric patterns, which is extremely entertaining and creative. This means they are very attractive and could attract children to play again and again.

[The influence of color on growth]

It is very beneficial to use correct colors to guide children's healthy growth, consciously cultivate children's color perception and exercise their color vision. A good color environment can affect children's intellectual development, emotional stability and personality formation. With an understanding of colors, children’s observation and perception abilities will undoubtedly play a positive role. The saturation and brightness of the color design of magnetic toy sets are in a suitable range. We pay attention to the colorfulness of colors and hope to create a comfortable, lively and coordinated color environment for children.


You can simply improve your children’s intuitive perception of geometry and math when playing the magnetic sticks and balls. You can regard it as an educational tool and learn with text books, to better understand the geometric knowledge both from the perspective of theory and practice.

[100% Satisfaction Guarantee]

We offer friendly customer service. If you have any issue with the product, please contact us for a refund or a replacement.


1. Magnetic Stick x 100
2. Silver Ball x 45
3. Manual x 1
4. Environmental storage bag x 1